Meet the Ponies


Full of character and a rich dark brown almost black colour, Archie is 11 years old. He is always full of energy in fact we think he would be great in the Shetland pony Grand National as he loves to jump and race around !


He is one of our larger ponies at about 41″ high and Is at the stables most weekends for lessons.


Charlie is Dinky’s best friend and they like to travel together in the pony van and also enjoy racing around in the field at home when not munching grass!


Charlie is 15 years old, a very handsome black pony, he never seems to get flustered even at the busiest events and is very patient and kind with the most nervous of children who will be smiling in no time. Charlie is a larger Shetland pony at 10.2 hh.


Often called “Munchie for short” Is a piebald (black and white )mare around 35″ high , she is 18 years old and is a wonderful pony for our little riders to practice off the lead rein!


One of our smaller ponies she stands around 34″ tall. Her colour is bay (brown with black mane and tail) and she will be 20 years old. Daisy is the most gentle pony you could ever meet, she has been with us for many years now and loves to hang out with Spot and Frog, She also has the longest mane!


Dinky was the very first Pony Magic Shetland to come along and is a firm favourite with so many children that have met him all around Hampshire and beyond. Dinky is also the smallest of the Hampshire branch ponies and is described as a miniature Shetland being only 8hh!


He is now 15 years old and palomino in colour. During the summer months he has a shiny golden coat and white mane and tail but is now a much lighter colour with his winter coat. Look around the website to see a picture of Dinky in Pantomime!


Well you can’t miss Dougie with those distinctive spots ! He is 19 years old and about 40″ ( that’s 10 hh ) . He is quite a character and will always give you a nudge then check your pockets for snack and treats, also loves cuddles!


Nothing fazes Dougie and he has been out to lots of shows and parties this year, winning many prizes and friends !! He is also great for training little riders to trot with his steady paces and likes to hop over jumps and go through puddles!


Frog is 20 years old and is Spots’s best friend but has been busy this summer doing Pony Club! What a silly name …..


Misty is 8 years old and arrived in the spring of 2015, she had a long journey all the way from Catchpool Stud in Wales where she was bred. She is grey, 7 years old and around 38″ high.  Misty has recently been learning to wear harness and pull a little carriage and doing so well, look out for some pictures soon!


Very cute and cuddly, Norman is our oldest pony at 23 years. Still full of beans though and racing around to keep up with best friend Archie keeps him fit !!


Norman is a bright bay colour and around 39″ high. He loves to go hacking and brilliant for small children to learn on.


A miniature skewbald (brown and white )mare only about 33″ high and 9 years old, very gentle and appealing to the smallest child. Best friends with Comanche they work well together and look very colourful out in the field!


Our biggest pony ! All our ponies are shetlands apart from Rosie who is a Dartmoor Hill pony so she is a bit bigger than the others at around 11.2 hh. She is a very pretty pony with unusual grey and white colouring and will be 12 years old this November. Rosie has been schooled by Hannah over the summer and went to her first dressage competition recently!


joined the Pony magic gang back in 2009 and loves a cuddle with everyone ! He is 14 years old and is around 10hh. We get asked all the time why he is called Spot? In the winter he is fluffy and grey but when he is wearing his sleek summer coat the black spots on his skin are quite visible especially under his tummy when he rolls over which he likes to do as often as possible!