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Learn all about our gorgeous team of ponies and some pony facts, look out for regular competitions and lots more………

At Pony Magic we have a team of Shetland ponies, small, cute, cuddly and sometimes a bit cheeky! The Shetland pony is one of Britain’s native breeds that originate from the Shetland islands. They are small no bigger than 10.2 hh, yet extremely strong for there size, hardy, tough and full of character

In the winter they grow extra thick fluffy coats to keep them warm and dry in harsh weather conditions, but sometimes they can get too hot when busy working in our milder climate so they may need to “clipped” to keep them comfortable. When not at work then can wear a pony rug to protect them and keep them clean, warm and dry.

In the spring they will shed their thick coats and look a little bit scruffy for a while until a new glossy summer coat appears, sometimes in a slightly different colour!


To learn more about ponies and riding why not join our progress scheme on your next visit to Pony Magic and earn stickers towards certificates and rosettes!  We can email you with our fab pony fact sheets to learn at home!

This scheme proved to be very popular, recognising the achievements of our little riders and helping them to progress in logical steps to more advanced riding and pony care when they are older. There is a one off fee of £25 to register and we can work with children during a normal 20 minute session collecting stickers for each of 5 levels