What is the minimum age for riding?

Strictly age 2 to comply with our insurance, the upper age limit is 8 (height and weight restrictions may apply).


How far will you travel?

We prefer to stay within a 20 mile radius of our base but may travel further upon request, however this will increase the cost of your party or event booking.


Can children with special needs or a disability ride with Pony Magic?

Yes absolutely we provide a high level of supervision, in most cases a member of staff with each pony and rider and parents/carers accompany the children riding. Riding can be very beneficial for autistic children and those with cerebral palsy, we believe riding is for everyone!


How do I book?

Please contact your nearest branch by telephone 9 am – 5 pm , Monday to Saturday or use the contact page to email. If we are unable to respond immediately please leave a clear message to include your name, telephone number and location and we will contact you as soon as possible.


What should my child wear for a riding session?

We supply riding hats although we do recommend that regular riders purchase a suitable riding hat as soon as possible. Comfortable trousers (not shorts), boots or shoes with a flat sole and small heel are best for riding , they should fit securely and offer the ankle some support. Please no crocs, flip-flops or sandals! Gloves are necessary in cold weather.


Where can I buy kids riding wear?

Check out the new Pony Magic shop!


How do I pay?

Weekly riding sessions can be paid by cash and we do have a card payment facility at our Hampshire branch.


Should I arrive a little early for my booked riding session?

Yes please! We like to start promptly so that the children are riding for a full 20 minutes and early arrival allows time to complete rider registration forms, hat fitting etc.


What happens in bad weather?/

We will go ahead with all bookings unless the weather is so bad that riding or travelling becomes impractical or dangerous, we will liaise with you the day before a booking if the weather looks doubtful. For riding on the farms and other venues keep an eye on our website and facebook page for latest information. Most riding sessions at our Hampshire branch can take place indoors.


Is there any more information available if I wish to make a booking?

Yes, if attending a 20 minute riding session please ask for a copy of our new rider welcome pack upon arrival. Do take a good look around the website as well for information on a specific topic. We are of course happy to answer any queries you may have by telephone or email.


Do you take card payments?

Yes, we can accept both credit and debit card payments. We also accept BACS payments for party deposits etc.


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